KO Restaurant
Teppanyaki & Cocktail Lounge

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Our signature Japanese restaurant in Bali, KO Restaurant & Cocktail Lounge, is an award-winning and stylish venue, long popular on the island for its authentic and contemporary Japanese cuisine.

Within its very own wing, KO appeals to the eyes as well as the palate, combining a subtle infusion of Balinese architecture and Japanese aesthetics, brought to life with bold colours, creating a modern, minimalist-style dining environment at this truly unique Jimbaran restaurant.

KO prides itself on authentic Japanese cuisine that combines elements of Japan’s legendary art and culture with the latest tastes. The Executive Chef has trained under the guidance of some of Japan’s finest chefs, previously working at several renowned Nobu restaurants.

Open for dinner only, KO Restaurant & Cocktail Lounge offers three distinct dining concepts, accessed by open-air walkways, revealing enchanting Japanese gardens.